Purchase & Sales Agreement

Download Agreement Info (PDF)


Be sure you have the following on every P&S before submitting to the Title Company, as missing infomration slows the process from the very start.

1. Full name (include middle initial if any) and addresses (street address and P.O. Box when applies) of both parties
2. All contact phone numbers of both parties (Home, Work, Cell)
3. Email addresses of both parties
4. Final agreed sales price
5. Parcel numbers of all property included in the sale along w/abbreviated legal of all property.
6. How buyer is taking title (Married, Single, Married as separate estate, etc...)
7. Be sure copy is as legible as possible, if difficult for you to read then drop off or call and we will pick up.
8. List of all inspections
9. Earnest Money
10. If there is Home Warranty*
11. Copy of all addendums; especially any additional addendums throughout the transaction to be sent to Escrow Officer.
12. When unsure, please ask

*Most Escrow Agents find it helpful if a copy of the MLS listing is attached to the P & S agreement since much of the additional information is included there, ie Home Warranty etc.