Title Insurance

A permanent assurance of ownership

What is title insurance?

Buying a home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. That’s why so many homeowners have insurance policies that cover fire, theft, flooding, and weather damage. But did you know that issues with your property title pose a bigger threat?

If there’s a problem with your home’s title, this could potentially cause you to lose part or all of your investment. Fortunately, title insurance protects you from that risk. 

Title insurance protects your status as homeowner. It’s a policy against loss if any problem results in a claim against your ownership. Whether a claim is valid or not, title insurance gives you the peace of mind that you’re covered. 

What Does Title Insurance Provide?

Title insurance protects your property ownership for a one-time fee. It also makes the buying process smoother. When you purchase title insurance, it provides:


Protection against former owners’ claims, fraud, or forgery in connection with prior documents


Insured party protection from loss due to lack of access


A process that ensures disclosure or encumbrances against a particular property that could affect the use of the land


Title defense, including attorney’s fees if needed


Lender protection, which facilitates property transaction financing.


Disclosure of easements and restrictions that could affect your property


Protection against recorded judgments, mortgages, or tax liens that could have an interest in the property

Title insurance companies maintain large statutory reserves. That means they’re in a position to pay claims--great news for buyers and lenders.

Who is Title Insurance For?

Title insurance is for two primary audiences: homeowners/real estate investors and mortgage lenders. If you’re taking out a mortgage on your new home, the lender will likely require you to purchase title insurance to protect its position as mortgage loan holder.

However, the title insurance policy on a lender’s mortgage does not protect you as the homeowner. You’ll need your own owner’s title insurance policy to protect your investment. 

When you purchase title insurance, you only pay a one-time fee. There are no renewal premiums, and there is no policy expiration date. Best of all, the protection lasts as long as you or your heirs retain an interest in the property.